Choosing a Wedding Dress Fabric right for your venue…

At our Atlanta bridal shop, we often have brides who like to shop for a wedding dress before they have chosen and booked their wedding venue.  In our opinion, this is a big no, no.  Why?  There are certain fabrics that just don’t work for some venues.  We try to get our brides to have their venue chosen and booked BEFORE their bridal appointment, so that we can advise them accordingly.

If you are getting married outdoors, in even slightly warm weather (low to mid 70’s or higher), then satin is a poor choice as it is a dense weave and does not breathe.  It is however a very luxurious fabric that has a nice sheen, and is perfect for a more formal, indoor wedding.  These two satin wedding gowns are a great choices for indoors weddings…

Having an outdoor wedding?  Then choose a lighter weight fabric that will be cooler and move easily.  This Francesca Miranda “Martine” embroidered lace overlay wedding gown is a great choice.  We just received this fabulous consignment wedding dress from an overstocked bridal boutique.



You’ll also need to think about the volume of the space where your ceremony will be held.  If you are in a large volume space, such as a large hall, big church, or museum, then your gown will need to have some volume so that you don’t get lost in the space.  This is especially true if you are small or petite bride.  For a large volume space them you might want to wear a dress that is fitted to the hip, but gives some drama on the bottom.  This dress would not be a good choice for an outdoor, farm or barn wedding as the tulle will sweep up all the leaves and grass in your path.

Oscar de la Renta "Ashton" wedding dress

Oscar de la Renta “Ashton”  Wedding Dress

Our advice is to wait and shop for your wedding gown once you have chosen your wedding and reception venues.  Then picture yourself in that venue and ask yourself…”Will this wedding dress look great in that space?”

Happy wedding dress shopping!  If you’d like to learn more about our discount designer wedding dress shop in Atlanta, Click Here.  We are Le Dress Boutique, Luxury Consignment and more than 95% Of our bridal gowns are new or samples (or purchased by brides who changed their minds)!


Skip the mall and save money on that holiday dress!

The holidays are coming and you’ll need to be ready for all those parties and corporate gatherings.  The guys wear the same suit or tux over and over, but not us ladies…we need a NEW DRESS.  Don’t bust the bank dressing up for the holidays, snag a deal on a fabulous evening gown or cocktail dress….

Here’s a sexy red, stretch knit dress that’s perfect to impress that special guy…

Alberto Makali 184046 Bondage dress

Alberto Makali 184046 dress, Retails $250, Le Dress Price $160

If you should be invited to a formal or Black Tie event and need an evening gown, you might love this RED gown…


Roberto Cadile red evening gown.

This evening gown is a great choice for a fuller figure.  She is all silk and retails for $3,220 but you can snag this great gown for only $495.  Why not save?  You’ll probably only wear it once!

We recommend checking out all the Atlanta consignment boutiques, but there is only one Atlanta consignment boutique that specializes in formal dresses…


Le Dress Boutique in Atlanta consigns and sells NEW, Sample, and consigned wedding dresses, mother of the bride dresses, cocktail dresses, gowns for Black Tie events, prom and pageant dresses, and party dresses.  More than 80% of the dress inventory is NEW and prices are up to 70% off retail.  Shopping online at or call 404-842-1955.


Tips for Buying a Sample Wedding Gown


Jim Hjelm 8313 at Le Dress Boutique, Luxury Consignment in Atlanta

You’ve heard about “sample wedding gown” sales, but are they a good deal?  What should you look for?

Bridal shops purchase a certain number of sample wedding dresses from each designer, two times per year.  During your bridal appointment, you try on the sample bridal gown, and if you want that dress, they order it in the size closest to your measurements.  If the dress is a good seller, the designer will keep it in production for 2 or 3 seasons (fall and spring) or perhaps slightly longer.  If it is not a great seller, it may only stay in production for 1-2 seasons.  When the bridal gown style is discontinued, the dress is no longer orderable and no longer much use the bridal shop.  Thus these dresses are put on the sample sale rack or included in a 1 day “sample sale”.  They can be a great deal if you shop smart.



Here are a few things you should know if attending a wedding gown Sample Sale…

  • Sample sales often one-day, high-pressure “Buy It Now” events. Before pulling the trigger, ask yourself if you would you purchase the gown if you were in a normally scheduled bridal appointment?
  • Size matters.  A good seamstress can alter a wedding gown down 2 sizes, but NEVER buy a dress that is too small! If it won’t zip, SKIP IT.
  • If you buy a dress more than 2 sizes too large, it will loose it’s proportions during alterations.

    allure-low-sheer-back-wedding-gown-9068 (1)

    Allure 9068 Sample Gown at Le Dress, Luxury Consignment

  • All sales are FINAL!  Inspect your purchase carefully.
  • Look for condition issues.  If the dress needs cleaning, if will cost you an average of $200 in Atlanta to have it professional dry cleaned.  All cleaners are not created equal!
  • Check for lipstick, blood, or rips in delicate fabrics like silk organza.
  • Prices are often 40-50% off the original price.
  • Most sample wedding gowns are size 8-12 (you will need a gown at least 1 size bigger than your normal size).


You really don’t have to pay full price for a beautiful wedding gown.  Bridal Consignment shops often have a large inventory of sample wedding gowns.  At Le Dress Boutique in Atlanta, more than 95% of their inventory is new/samples.  The pressure is off as you get the normal bridal appointment experience, and the bridal boutique is open 6 days per week.  So do include bridal consignment shops in your search for a sample wedding gown too.  You’ll have more time to make up your mind.

Happy hunting for your dream wedding dress!  And if you’d like to view all the sample wedding gowns at Atlanta’s only luxury bridal consignment shop, click here.

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Marisa Baratelli Evening Gowns and Cocktail Dresses at 1/2 Price!

We are so excited to share a new shipment of fabulous Marisa Baratelli, Thai silk cocktail dresses and evening gowns that just arrived from an overstocked dress boutique.  This purple evening gown is perfect for a holiday gala, mother of the bride, or awards banquet.

Marisa Baratelli 5636 Silk Gown

Marisa Baratelli 5636

This royal blue, Thai silk , one shoulder cocktail dress by Marisa Baratelli makes a great statement for most any event.

Marisa Baratelli 5564

Marisa Baratelli 5564

These dresses normally retail in the $600-1200 price range in high-end dress boutiques in Atlanta, but because we are a luxury consignment boutique, we offer these new, sample, and once-loved dresses at less than 1/2 price.  Why pay full price for a dress you’ll probably wear only once?

To see our luxury consignment dresses (no, that does not mean used) please visit us by clicking HERE.

Le Dress Boutique, Luxury Consignment



Great Mother of the Bride or Groom Dresses in Atlanta

The hunt is on!  Where do you find a great Mother of the Bride, or Mother of the Groom dress in Atlanta?  Do you have to break the bank to look fabulous?  The answer is no.  You can snag a designer mother’s dress at a discount if you know where to look in Sandy Springs.  Let’s face it… You’ll probably only wear this very special dress once, so why pay full price?

jovani-lace-back-92204 (1)

Jovani 92204 Lace Back Gown, Perfect for a youthful look.

Perhaps you are looking for a Mother’s dress for a daytime or morning wedding.  This Marisa Baratelli dress is made of Thai silk and comes with matching bolero jacket…

Marisa Baratelli 5271 Silk dress.  Yours for much less than retail in Atlanta!

Marisa Baratelli 5271 Silk dress. Yours for much less than retail in Atlanta!

Perhaps you need a Mother of the Groom dress that you can cut off and wear again?  This Frascara organza a-line gown with one shoulder styling lends itself to being shortened and worn again. You could pay the $1,349 price at one of Atlanta’s full price dress boutiques, but at Le Dress Boutique, Luxury Dress Consignment, you can snag this BRAND NEW evening gown for only $600!

Frascara A-line organza evening gown.

We hope you find a great dress for your son or daughter;s wedding!

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