Don’t over pay for Bridal accessories!

We all know that the cost of weddings is astronomical in today’s time, so why not save every penny where you can? Many times brides buy a dress and want some sort of accessory to just add a little something, some “umph” if you will. We often times recommend a sash either of a different color or one with some embellishments. At a normal salon this recommendation could run you an extra $500-$1500, and sometimes more!

Le Dress Boutique is here to say…STOP! We can help! We offer a wide variety of bridal sashes from lace to vintage to bedazzled. Every now and then we may have a sash or two get pricey but for the most part ours stay between the $100 and $350 mark. We also offer veils, headbands, and combs. A lot of our accessories are listed online but we have even more in our boutique. So if you are, or know a bride about to throw down a pretty penny for her accessories make sure you tell her to come see us first. We love saving our brides money and stress while planning their big day.   IMG_1888IMG_1892   You can see all of our inventory at   With Luv, Le Dress

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Wedding formality and knowing what to wear

If you have recently been invited to a wedding, you are probably wondering where the fine line lies between white tie, black tie, semi-formal, casual and so on. Well, we have good news at Le Dress! We’ve got dresses for you ranging from cocktail to white tie formal evening gowns. These dresses can be found in our boutique or at



White Tie

Although these events are not terribly common in this day and age for the average party-goer, it is important to at least be aware of what you can wear should you be invited to one of these lovely events. It is suggested at these events to wear a formal gown with a fuller skirt, statement jewelry, and sometimes gloves. This stunning silk taffeta dress would be great for your white tie event paired with a statement necklace, and earrings. This dress retails for $900, and we have it at Le Dress for only $280!! Click the picture to see the dress on our website.


RT Boutique Evening Gown


Black Tie

Black tie events will still be very formal but you can get away with a more form fitting gown such as the Terani gown pictured below. Try to pick a classic color(navy, black, red…etc.) with some embellishment to add sparkle and interest. This silhouette is great as it is flattering in that it defines the waist and has a modest slit. This dress retails for 295…we have it as Le Dress for just 170!

Terani M2207

Terani M2207




Most of us are more familiar with this type of event. I would recommend a cocktail dress, or in the summer a nice summer dress and heels (or even some cute wedges!). You could also get away with wearing a fun print at a semi-formal event. This black Halo cocktail dress is great because the print makes it fun and playful, but because it is in a more neutral color palette it still very classy. This dress is just $90 at Le Dress!


Black Halo Cocktail Dress


For you ladies attending a casual event, lucky you! I would still stay clear of jeans-and-tshirt type of casual, but a nice dress pant and V-neck shirt would be a great casual yet stylish option. Being someone that is always overdressed, I’d even say you could still wear a semi-formal attire…just be prepared for a lot of compliments!


I have listed a couple of our less formal cocktail dress below!


Milly $70


Ivy and Aster “Ursa” $55



With Luv,

Le Dress



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Choose the perfect dress for your Destination Wedding

We have had a ton of brides come in lately who are having destination weddings. While this can be very exciting, it can also limit your dress options. As an example, if you are getting married somewhere tropical with warm to hot temperatures you should really stay away from satin or dresses that may be “too much” dress. This may sound like a lot of information to think about…but NO WORRIES! Here at Le Dress boutique we have a wide variety of dresses that are sure to fit your destination!


Tropical Wedding Destination

As we briefly mentioned earlier stay away from heavy fabrics! We suggest a light chiffon or organza fabric. This Amy Kuschel is a great option especially if this wedding happens to be on the beach! It is sweet and simple but still remains very bridal.

Amy Kuschel 'Viva'

Amy Kuschel ‘Viva’


Europe/Chateau Destination

Recently we had a bride who was getting married in a beautiful castle in Ireland. For a destination such as this you must think of the culture of the country you will be in as well as a dress ‘grand’ enough to fit the space. For this we suggest a fuller skirt with plenty of embellishment. This Justin Alexander would be a great option as it has more of a conservative silhouette and beautiful beading throughout the dress.

Justin Alexander 9714

Justin Alexander 9714



Elopement (Vegas, NY, Paris…etc)

Either opt for something very fun and unique or a chic short dress that you can dress up with some fabulous accessories and shoes!


Pronovias 'Agnes'

Pronovias ‘Agnes’


These are just a few of the great options we have for a destination weddings! To see more of our inventory go to


With Luv,

Le Dress



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SUPER SALE at Le Dress Boutique! Luxury Wedding gowns at amazing prices!

It’s SUPER SALE time here at Le Dress Boutique! Are you a bride that gets a thrill out of saving money or maybe one with strict budget? GREAT NEWS! Le Dress Boutique is taking some of our already-fabulous-priced wedding gowns, and making them even more budget-friendly!! Here we have listed a few of our favorites, to see more go to!

Pronovias "Menta"

Pronovias “Menta”                                     Retail: $1450                                                   Le Dress: $450




Badgley Mischka Ivory Gown

Badgley Mischka Ivory Gown                          Retail:$750                           Le Dress:$99



Pronovias "Pamela"  Retail:$2600 Le Dress:$650

Pronovias “Pamela”
Le Dress:$650

Allure 2313 Retail:$895 Le Dress:$395

Allure 2313
Le Dress:$395

Watters 6059 "Corinth" Retail:$1600 Le Dress:$550

Watters 6059 “Corinth”
Le Dress:$550

If you want to see more of our inventory or make a bridal appointment go to! We look forward to seeing you soon!


With Luv,

Le Dress


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Cheap Prom & Wedding Gowns – Knock Offs have NO Resale Value…

As the owner of a luxury consignment boutique in Atlanta, selling high-end wedding and evening gowns, I see a lot of knock-off dresses. This past Saturday, I had two different customers try to consign “look alike”  dresses they had ordered over the internet.  In each case, the dresses were new and had never been worn.  The presentation is always the same….”I ordered this dress, and when it arrived, it did not fit.  Will you consign it for me?”  One dad said he ordered the dress for his daughter’s homecoming dance, with the guarantee that returns were accepted.  When  the dress arrived, it did not fit anyone approaching his daughter’s size.  I smiled, and asked him if it came from China?  He said yes.  When asked how much he paid?  He said $110. When he contacted the site to return the dress, the cost to UPS it back would be about the same as the purchase price and would take up to 5 weeks to arrive back in China.  I just smiled and explained that’s how the scam works.  The knock-off prom/dress sites look very legitimate.  They often use the original designer’s photos, and it ALWAYS ends up the same…. The dresses never fit, and the quality is never the same as the photo. In the case of a knock-off mother-of-the-bride dress that was presented for consignment, the sleeves on the size 14 gown would only have fit a 10 year old child.

Note the difference between the original designer's photo and the knock-off.

Note the difference between the original designer’s photo and the knock-off.

When I say “no, I am sorry, we can’t accept your dress for consignment” the refrain is always the same….It’s a pretty dress, it’s new, and it will fit someone.  Although we consign all sorts of special occasion dresses, they only have resale value IF they have a genuine designer label, and have the quality and fit you’d expect from that designer. This problem also exists with wedding dresses, they knock-offs never get worn.  Typically, the bride has tried on the designer original in a boutique, even though it was far outside her budget. Rather than choosing a dress within her budget, she orders the “look alike wedding gown” over the web and hopes it will be the same, for a 10th the price.  If it is seems to good to be true…..


Note the lack of detail and the fit difference on the knock-off wedding gown.

My advice is always the same…. Buy your dress from an AUTHORIZED retailer, or a reputable consignment boutique.  You should see it, feel it, and try it on.  Consignment boutiques often have samples, new, and recently discontinued styles that arrive directly from designers and overstocked boutiques.    Happy Shopping…Linda

Le Dress Boutique  is the only ALL DRESS Consignment Boutique and is located in Atlanta’s Sandy Springs area at

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